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Advantages of a PC cooling fan

Advantages of a PC cooling fan

By: Tom Dahne

Even though using a computer may seem fairly simple, the fact is that over a dozen different components work together at any given time to ensure that the system works smoothly and without any problems. These internal components or circuits are placed inside the system in such a way that there is hardly any space between them.

When the computer is in use for 4-12 hours at a go, these components have constant electricity pulsing through them. This results in the creation of a large amount of heat. As these circuits are placed closely together, the heat causes the system to break down. This makes it necessary to install a certain mechanism which removes the heat and keeps the system cool.

Computer fans or PC cooling fans are basically fans that are located inside the case of a computer system. These fans ensure that cool air enters the system and hot air leaves it. A majority of PC cooling fans are attached with heat sinks which further add to the cooling benefits. Active cooling is the name given to the process which makes use of fans for the purpose of cooling down certain computer components.

The mechanism of PC cooling fans is fairly simple and does not make use of water or any such component. This rules out the problems that are caused due to water leaks. In addition to that, installing a PC cooling fan is fairly simple and one can carry out this exercise even at home. This makes these fans cost effective as one does not need to hire a qualified professional to carry out the installation process. To ensure that the fans work properly and without any obstruction, make sure that there is enough space in your PC’s cabinet before buying this device.

Another great advantage of PC cooling fans is that they are inexpensive and easily affordable. A single fan costs about $15 and when buying in bulk, the total cost is further reduced. While water cooling devices and other mechanisms include over a dozen different parts, a PC cooling fan only needs to be attached to a heat sink and it is ready to go.

If you purchase the right PC cooling fan with the appropriate bearings, the noise pollution is reduced as well. This further adds to the users’ satisfaction and makes it easier for him to work on the PC for an extended period of time.
A large number of people tend to stay away from PC cooling fans as they feel that they will fix their systems only when the machine breaks down.

However, this adds to the maintenance cost in the long run. Installing a computer fan considerably reduces this cost as it makes sure that the fan keeps the integrated circuits in excellent working condition.
However, users should not go overboard and install more than 4 fans. Over cooling has its own disadvantages and hence should definitely be avoided.

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